Friday, April 13, 2007

Koigu Sneak Peek

When I posted about my STR Rooster Rock socks, I mentioned that I'm persevering with my sock yarn destashing and knitting up some Koigu that's been a long-time resident of the stash.

Well, it wasn't a lie, even if I'm a bit behind on posting. (I suppose I'm a bit behind on posting because I'm also a bit behind on knitting!) I sent a sample of this yarn to my pen pal in the Knitterly Letter Swap. It's a lovely mixture of violet, mottled brown with a hint of siena in it, and forest green, all shading into one another.

I actually haven't made much progress beyond what's shown. This is the stockinette project I always have to have on the needles for school and studying purposes, and I've knit most of the leg. (Lest you think I haven't made progress on the sock because I'm not actually studying . . . that's not actually the case! I've just been studying at school and leaving the sock at home. Finals are coming up, unfortunately.) The heel flap will start soon. But I doubt that I'll finish these socks any time in the near future.

However, I've also stalled somewhat on these socks because I've been concentrating on knitting up some Odessa hats. I'm planning on giving some of these hats to a few friends of mine who are graduating and moving to colder climates for their jobs after school. Since graduation is coming up in about a month and a week, I realized I'd better get hopping with those hats! So those have been taking up most of the knitting time. Pictures of those will come soon--I'm almost done with the crown of the third one, and I'll take a picture of all three once I'm done with it.

Have a great weekend!


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