Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monkey see, monkey . . . don't

This morning, I reduced this:

. . . to this:

Yes, I took a mostly finished Monkey sock and frogged it.

Although I find the Monkey pattern beautiful, and although it's a fairly easy pattern to knit and remember, I just wasn't enjoying the knitting. The knit-up fabric, as I mentioned earlier, was not very stretchy at all. It was a struggle to get the sock on to my foot, even though it fit all right once it was finally on. I think that knowing that I'd have to tug and pull at the finished product just to put it on ended up dampening my enthusiasm for the pattern. I had the same no-stretchy, no-likey problem a long time ago with the Jaywalker pattern, too.

But, I continue on, undaunted. I've upgraded to the Hedera pattern, which should be stretchier and more comfortable to wear, and I've finished already one repeat of the pattern. Hopefully I can make some bloggable progress this week before my finals lockdown!


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